A Moment of Significance

April - June 2013

A Moment of Significance was an exhibition organised by students of Sheffield Hallam University, as part of Hallam Union’s Community Volunteering Programme.

Alongside Artfelt, students were given the opportunity to manage all aspects of the exhibition. Working on production to marketing, they gained a valuable insight into public art and the benefits this has for patients of the hospital.

Choosing the theme of childhood memories, students from across the creative disciplines were invited to produce artwork based on a turning point, breakthrough or achievement in their lives.

The collaboration also allowed students to manage art workshops, working with patients from across several wards at Sheffield Children's Hospital. The nature of sessions within a hospital environment gave students only a brief period of time with which to work with each patient; creating art within a significant moment of its own.

This resultant exhibition provides an interesting comparison between students looking back at their childhood and the patients still within in it.

"This was my first encounter of using art outside of the studio, it was a great learning curve for myself as a volunteer. But a greater experience for myself as a person." Jess (Student)