Soldiers raising funds - and a tank

10 February 2012

Five soldiers are preparing to take on a gruelling task to raise money for the Children’s Hospital, despite living in a war zone.

The members of the Queen’s Royal Hussars, currently serving in Afghanistan, will attempt to lift 74.8 tonnes – the weight of a tank – in just three days.

Despite their hectic schedules and high temperatures, the team have managed to train every day since planning the fundraiser, set to go ahead on 20 February.

Cpl Liam March said: “The training is tough but we manage to fit in an hour a day.

“Even though our work has to take priority, we are determined we will get the task done.”

Each man will lift around four tonnes, which is more than the weight of three cars, for three days in a row.

Liam said: “We’ve worked out that we’ll have to do just over 100 repetitions of a 120kg weight each, it’s a huge task.”

Liam organised the event single-handedly from Afghanistan through an exchange of handwritten letters with The Children’s Hospital Charity.

Liam said: “Every bit of mail received is great for morale.

“We really hope that once we return we’ll be able to visit the hospital to meet everybody.”

If Liam and his squad have inspired you to take on an endurance test closer to home to raise money, you can sign up to an ‘Endurer’ event.

According to the Endurer Events website: “the Endurer team, comprising of former Royal Marine Commandoes, have come up with a course packed full of obstacles that will test your stamina, strength, agility and determination.

“You will get tired, wet, and muddy, definitely sweat, laugh and possibly cry.”

The next Endurer event takes place in Holmesfield on March 31. Obstacles include a ‘commando crawl’ through mud and smoke and hauling yourself from a ravine with a rope.

For more information, visit: http://www.endurerevents.co.uk/