Mistress Cutler's Challenge

"After working for over 30 years in the NHS, I have seen first hand how important the charity organisations are at providing additional funding for quality care to patients and their families." Julie Edwards, Mistress Cutler

Businesses across the city region are being urged to sign up for this year’s Mistress Cutler’s Challenge led by Mistress Cutler Julie Edwards in support of The Children’s Hospital Charity and Cavendish Cancer Care.

We invite you, your group or business to take part by registering to compete against others to raise the most money, using creative and innovative ways to fundraise. Each team will be given £50 and the challenge requires participants to use their entrepreneurial and team work skills to turn that £50 into as much money as possible for the chosen charities over six months.

Since 2008, Sheffield folk have raised over £1 million for worthy causes through the Cutler's £50 Challenge.

Important dates!

January - August: Businesses can register any time

9th March: Challenge launch where registered participants will be given their £50

March – August: Registered participants turn their £50 into as much money as possible for the chosen charities

6th September: Mistress Cutler’s Challenge Awards

16th September: Mistress Cutler’s Masquerade Ball

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