Dad runs 100 miles home to mum

8 February 2012

A proud dad is running home to his mum - from Sheffield to Peterborough - to raise money for The Children's Hospital.

Dan Kirkland will run four marathons in four days, almost 105 miles, in March, inspired by the care his baby daughter Lauren received at The Children’s Hospital, Sheffield.

“Lauren had a meningitis scare, which saw her hospitalised,” said Dan, from Crosspool in Sheffield.

“Thankfully, she was fine, but it was very scary and painful at the time. The Children’s Hospital staff were fantastic and cared for both the children and the parents.

"I was inspired to run four marathons in four days by Eddie Izzard's Marathon of Marathons, but it was when my wife was driving us to my Mum’s in Peterborough that it dawned on me what to do: I’d run back home to Mum. 

“The most direct route from Sheffield is about 100 miles, so it’s an ideal distance. And as my legs are about a 10th the length of Eddie’s I thought that our achievements would be on a par.”

Dan, 38, has already raised over £1300 to be shared between his two charities; us and The Multiple Sclerosis Trust. 

To support Dan, please visit http://www.mygreatrun.com or http://www.justgiving.com/teams/sheffield2peterborough/

We're proud to have Dan on Team Theo